Friday, September 27, 2013

I Quit Sugar :: Week 6

Wow, great week! There's not a lot to say about week 6 as it was much like week 5, in that my cravings have pretty much disappeared altogether. Although, I did have a moment when I walked past Donut King and thought it would be nice to have a donut but, otherwise not tempted to fall into old habits. 
At this stage in the program we are able to reintroduce a bit of fruit into our diet which has been nice. Still keeping it to a minimum though. 
I'm half way through week 7 now and when I got on the scales for a weigh in (a few days ago) I was a little chuffed to discover I had lost 2 kg since the first week. I had also lost 2 1/2 - 3 cm off my bust, waist and hips! Did not expect that. I haven't even been exercising, and I didn't think I had a lot of excess weight to lose. But apparently I did, and just by eliminating the lollies and chocolates, and high fructose foods I have dropped in size. Hubby had also lost a few kilos!
Anway, will leave you with the above yummy sugar free pancakes that I [partly] devoured the other day. Recipe was taken from Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' book. You can also find it on her website



  1. Hooray!! That's brilliant!!! Sugar has a bigger hold on our bodies than we think hey?! So good you've been rewarded for your efforts!

    Which of the pancake recipes is that? The apple ones?

  2. Apple it was! So delicious!
    It certainly does have a hold on us and without us even knowing it. I didn't think I was an emotional eater until I started the progam, and when I had a busy/hectic day I wanted to reach for a packet of lollies... I wanted to reward or comfit myself for getting through the day. That was a revelation!