About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica. I married my soul mate in late 2009 and we have two handsome sons named Rupert (Feb 2012) and Samson (Apr 2013).  
I believe ‘choice’ to be a powerful tool in life! With the choices we make we have the power to create happiness and contentment in our lives.
Motherhood is a precious gift that not all are given and I have chosen to be a stay at home mama to honour what God has blessed me with. The choice to be a sahm is what makes me happy and, it is what my husband and I believe to be the best for our family. 

I'm your average young christian wife and mama living in Australia who is finding joy in the small things. Life is full of buried treasures and I'm making it my mission to find them! I'm not nearly as together as my pictures look but I know that in every tough day there is a hidden treasure God wants me to see and hold onto.

I started blogging shortly after getting married and wanted to use it to share my journey as a new wife and now mother. I desire to embrace modern ways but to learn from the old. I’m thankful women have the opportunity to pursue professional careers and well, whatever they like! But I am also thankful I can learn from my grandmothers handwritten recipes and graft old values with new values.

Here you can learn 50 things about me (written Aug 2013).
Here you can learn 10 things about the man I married (written Oct 2013).

On our wedding day November 2009.



  1. Just checking to see if your comments are moderated …if yes you can delete this! :0 If not I can't send you through my email address…. Love Daphne

    1. I thought I had your email but can't find it. …I may ask the Harr's family. Unless you have mine… sorry Jessica…just wanted to write a late reply about the book you had asked me about. Don't like my email address up in public though. :) You can delete this one too! :) I will try and get in contact with you somehow. ;) x

    2. Hi there! You can email me at myzebracrossing@gmail.com. I'll delete this message when I hear from you 😊 x