Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Storyboard. My Dreams.

I am a huge fan of Pinterest! It takes me back to the days when I was studying for my diploma in fashion and, I among other students, sat around flicking through magazines [of any kind] in search of inspiration for our next clothing design. We cut, we pasted, and voila… a storyboard that represented a theme. The theme represented our own taste, thoughts, emotions and likes. They may have been someone else’s pictures but we ‘chose’ them.
One of the very first storyboards I created was one that had to represent who I was as a person. I was 15 when I created it and it has hung above our bed for a long time, it reminds me of the person that I am supposed to be. I think back to when I was 15 and I remember how young I was, having completed my schooling and now an emerging fashion student at TAFE. I was so raw and so pure in my thoughts and style. I drew from the current trends but I was never ruled by them. I wore what I liked! I also giggle a little because there were hairstyles and outfits where I now think “what on earth was I thinking?!” but I was my own.

Sometimes I feel so far from who I am. I get caught up in wondering what I ‘should’ be, and the person people want to see. My clothing style is still all mine, I feel no pressure there but my personality, my job status and my dreams all feel stretched and tormented. Will people like me for the person I am?
I look at my storyboard and I see that 15 year old Jessica was a girl with classic and feminine taste, she dreamed of being a wife and the story says she wanted to be a mother also. 15 year old Jessica wanted to represent womanhood and she stood for the sisterhood. She wanted the pretty things of the world to be appreciated. She wanted to have love all around her but, most of all she wanted to generate and radiate that love. 15 year old Jessica tells me that good friendships were incredibly hard to find and build. But as I glance at her board she says that she’ll still be the person she is and the person God created her to be, no matter what. No compromises.

Whilst I may have changed a little over the past 10 years I am no less the girl represented in that storyboard.
I can learn many things by looking back at that board but I know I could teach her a few things too. I would tell 15 year old Jessica that a pearl ring is an impractical engagement ring. I would tell her that age would not make friendships easier to build, and that flower crowns and flowing white dresses would not make a sisterhood. I would tell her that marriage wasn’t all about French kissing and skipping through fields. I would tell her that childbirth isn’t that scary after all but that childrearing is incredibly challenging. I would tell her flowers wither and that almonds are really expensive to buy, and books aren’t something you ‘just’ write. Bet you’re all wondering what this board looks like aye?!

Girls, women, ladies – be sisters! I encourage you to reach out to each other. Mothers, have a girl to girl coffee date without your children. Wives, embrace the unattached women, you were once there. And the single ladies, experience fun with mothers, wiping bottoms isn't the only way they find fun! In 2014 let’s create unity among women from all walks of life. Let’s be the change and radiate love. Accept one another for who they are and let’s appreciate our differences, be it age, taste in fashion or career.

This year I am taking back the dreams that 15 year old Jessica dreamed in that board. 25 year old Jessica wonders if she’s a friend worthy likable character but 15 year old Jessica knows that she is exactly who God wanted her to be. 

Let’s be the sisterhood.



  1. Love it Jess, you are an amazing person.

  2. thanks for sharing this Jess!

  3. Inspiring! I have really felt pretty let down in the area of friendships over the last few years but we have just changed churches which I feel is a positive step in this area and it is my goal to be a friendly and encouraging person this year to those I meet, even when it's not always reciprocated.

    1. Thats when its hard I find, when its not reciprocated. Friendship are two way streets so as soon as it looks one sided I get disheartened. But its remembering to do things for God's glory.
      I'm sure you'll be a blessing in the new church God has placed you in!

  4. Sometimes I have thoughts like this too, and wonder if I'm "cheating" myself out of who I really am. But what I have learnt is that no one is better than any one else... we're all far too critical of ourselves, we all put on a good show but tear up behind the scenes. Being a positive, inspiring person is not easy for ANYONE all of the time. So in a word, I agree. We need to see each other as fellow women who are in this fight-of-a-life together. We can help each other be victorious!

    P.S. What I 'know' and 'read between the lines' about you, you're definitely a "friend worthy likeable character" ;)

    1. Yes indeed Hannah! The sisterhood is a bit like marriage in that we need to remain honest, faithful and loving toward each other, its being there through thick and thin.
      Thanks for the kind words Hannah. Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths at some point and are able to share a pot?!