Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Truth about New Years Resolutions!

Last year was a good year. Highlights were Samson's arrival and we purchased an investment property, our first property.
But coming out of 2013 I was feeling greatly discouraged by how the year had gone. The goals and desires we had been working towards just didn't come about and there was nothing we could have done to make them happen either. 

So when 2014 dawned I was not in high spirits, I was still frustrated from the previous year and, in fact, I was not done with 2013! "Come back here you year 13, I've got unfinished business with you!" Life does go on though and yes I was now in 2014 but I was sure to not make any new years resolutions or goals. I didn't want to make goals only to be let down by them. Oh but wait I did have one goal (that I was only willing to share with hubby) and that was to give less of myself to others. I'd felt somewhat hurt by relationships in 2013 that I'd decided to just look after me and care only for myself.

Then February came along and I found myself with my first 'productive' goal for the year. I decided to invest in building stronger relationships with a few people. Hang on, hang on.... what?! All of January I had decided to throw the towel in on investing in others and now, now I was wanting to do the complete opposite! "God, you softened my heart"!
My goal was to pull back from Facebook a little and to get personal. I have many Facebook friends but know few closely. I feel that there is a lot to see about others on social media but few people are interested in getting to know you well. 'Friends' want to know what you're up to but not interested in building a friendship/relationship with you. Its 'nosy' at its best. 
I picked 2 friends who I knew of well (but not closely) and had met and, I wrote to them asking if they'd be interested in corresponding via snail mail or even email. They both live in other parts of the country so having a coffee date isn't an option (at this stage) but that writing to these beautiful women might overtime develop a strong friendship and we'd become encouragers. 

So okay, God softened my heart enough to make one positive goal in 2013 but that was all he was getting out of me.
Apparently not so. A few weeks ago my husband and I were feeling a bit blah about being able (or rather not being able) to connect in our church. We decided to do something about it but we're not moving churches, we're staying at our post! We're "Embracing Our Place" which by the way, is a fantastic talk. I only came across this video last week. Anyway, we're holding our post and we've decided make a conscious effort to try and connect better with the people in our church family.
Sundays are mostly about child wrangling and creche for us so, its often difficult to hold a conversation that doesn't involve running after a wee little man trying to a) eat all the donuts, b) getting drenched at the water bubbler or c) rearranging the music equipment. So we've committed to having people over weekly for a meal. We've moved our date nights to Tuesday evenings and have created 'hospitality Mondays'. Our small abode and my mediocre cooking have always put me off having people over so I'm overcoming that in 2014.  We've been doing 'hospitality Mondays' for 3 weeks now and we've certainly adopted a more positive vibe for being able to connect with others.
God really did change my heart!

I have one more new years goal and that is to find the best coffee in Darwin! Once a week (finances permitting) I want to buy and try a coffee from a different cafe in Darwin. I will be making small reviews on the cafes/restaurants using 'Yelp'. And if you ever want to share in my search than I'd love to take you on my date!



  1. Yay for another inspiring post! Isn't God amazing? He does these things when we least expect/want them.

  2. I love this post Jess xxx I spent the end of last year pulling away from everything and everyone only to find God pushing me right back this year. I love how He knows what is right for us! I would love to come on some coffee dates with you too :)

  3. I loved this post Jessica. Isn't God amazing, working in ways we would have never imagined! Hospitality Mondays sounds great too - one day, I would really love to do something like that on a regular basis too :)

  4. Mm very good! We feel similar about our church situation and have *gasp* talked about trying somewhere new (do you have the link to that video you mentioned?). We actually do have a lot of friends who go there but although I get along well with the girls, hubby doesn't find he clicks with the guys so much. I love having people over for dinner but have had a lot on my mind (and limited finances) so haven't had anyone over more than once (which wasn't my intention). Hope to make a more conscious effort this year too!

    Haha, there are sooooo many places to eat in Ballarat, it's CRAZY. I've said a couple of times that I'd like to try everywhere ONCE, but everytime we talk about going somewhere new, we chicken out and end up going to a trusty old joint ;).

    1. Finances have played a huge part in not having people over for a meal but we've realized its okay to keep it simple and cost effective. I have a tendency to prepare for dinner with the queen!
      If you click on "embracing your place" it will take you to the video. I've just edited the post so that the hyperlink is pink. Bit of a glitch in the blog template.