Thursday, October 31, 2013

November Date Nights

4th Oct - write a [short, simple] children's storybook with illustrations. 

11th Oct - electronically collate children's book ready for printing. We'll have it printed at Office Works or somewhere that allows you to make your own books.

18th Oct - as an anniversary project we are going to build a coffee table that looks something like the picture below.

25th Oct - We're still working on this one but as it is our 4th wedding anniversary on the 21st, we are thinking of doing something a little crazy! Possibly putting on our wedding getup and heading out to a restaurant for some fine dining. Not sure that I'm brave enough to go out in my wedding dress but it would be fun to do!


Friday, October 11, 2013

I Quit Sugar :: Week 8 - the end!

Yeah baby... I completed a sugar detox! Sunday marked the last day of my 8 week sugar detox program and I am very proud to have taken on and conquered the challenge. I've thoroughly enjoyed taking on a new approach to the way I cook and bake, I have certainly reaped the rewards. 
Having been a vegetarian before I know what it means to be creative with meals minus the meat but never sweets/deserts minus the sugar. I am continuing to apply some of the detox 'rules' to my everyday eating. Doing the detox wasn't only to empty my body of 'junk' and sugar but also to reeducate myself on eating healthy again, to become 'sugar wise'. 
I would highly recommend the program to anyone.


Friday, October 4, 2013

October Date Nights

So here is what we've planned for Mondays date nights for the month of October.

7th Oct - write a letter to each other to open on our first date night in our own home... for whenever that may be!

14th Oct - using watercolour paints, each paint our dream house. 
Its probably more of a female thing but ever since I was young I've had this picture in my head of what my ideal home would look like... and its not a unique design, its very stereotypical actually. Wonder if you can guess what my dream house looks like?

21st Oct - make 'Jason's Rocky Road Trifle' from More Icing Please and watch a black and white movie... any suggestions on which one? Detox will be over and it will be a cheat night so we are going to indulge a little with this yummy trifle.

28th Oct - Mexican theme night - We're not entirely sure on the menu yet?


I Quit Sugar :: Week 7

Yay! Am so pleased I made it this far. I feel so much better for starting this detox and, I'm going to try so hard to continue all my new 'good' and healthy habits after I complete the program. 

For the past few weeks I haven't really struggled with my cravings but this week I found myself craving ice cream. I now find it easy to turn down the cravings but I wonder if that's just because I'm on detox and I'm not supposed to eat those foods? I worry a little that even though I may not seek out junk food that I will cave to my cravings and think it's okay because I'm no longer on a program that forbids it. 
But I'm determined to not go back to my junk food ways. Why would I do that to myself?! I've lost 2kgs and 3cm off my bust (not overly happy about this), waist and hips which proves that although I didn't think it, I was actually carrying weight I didn't need. It's weight that was kept on by my sugar addiction. Kind of blows my mind!

So, because we all have to live a little we are going to adopt the 'cheat day' rule. Clean eating for 6 out of 7 days, and then a day to not feel guilty if we stop in for a cheeky soft serve at maccas. As I also love my baking and cooking I can use cheat day on our Monday date nights for any indulgent desert I may want to make. I will otherwise be continuing my adventure on becoming more creative (and educated) with sugar free ingredients and recipes. Being sugar free is not being tasteless or boring, it's knowing the right recipes and substitutes.
Practicing my pork roasting for Christmas. My best crackling yet!


10 Things About the Man I Married

Behind every happy wife there is a hard working, patient and loving husband! It's no secret that we female creatures can be a puzzle for the men to figure out and, although hubby will probably never quite understand the 'female' ways he is nevertheless doing a great job of hiding it. Hehe.

So I thought I'd write a short post introducing you all to the man I love most.
Here are 10 things about my husband Matt.

1. He's a civil engineer working for a small private consulting firm here in the Northern Territory. He completed  his degree in 2010. Just 1 year after we married.

2. He's not really your 'handy home fix-it' kind of guy, he's more of a 'defrag your computer' man. He's all things tech savvy! He has attention to detail and therefore great at reading manuals and maps. Making the bed however... Nil attention to detail!

3. Matt had to buy new underwear on the day of our wedding because he had fallen that far behind in his washing. It was probably at that moment he was relieved to be taking a wife that day! Hehe.

4. He's a very talented musician. Every girls dream man but, before you think I get serenaded to everyday let me just say eh, it's happened twice. Wedding and 1st anniversary haha. But yes, a musician who plays saxophone, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, percussion and sings. Before Samson's arrival he played timps and percussion for the Darwin symphony orchestra, and he also leads church music. Matt has a great appreciation for music of all different genres.

5. Like most men he enjoys his sports; rugby, cricket and tennis. Over the years he has played a bit of rugby and a lot of indoor cricket. 

6. If you and I were chatting over coffee and you asked if my husband was romantic, I'd probably hum and ha. But I do know for sure that he is undoubtedly in love with his wife [me] and, gives unconditional support and commitment to myself and our family. Oh and he does spoil me with flowers on a very regular basis, so somewhat romantic.

7. He's 25 years old (9 months older than myself) and has a younger brother and sister.

8. He's an amazing father to Rupert and Samson and has always been hands on and in the thick of all things pooey and drooly. It won't be possible for our children to reach adulthood and not know how blessed they were to have such a great father.

9. My husband is a Star Trek fan. Nothing more to say here. Oh wait, they call these fans trekkies, yep he's a trekky!

10. Matt's father is Chinese and his mother is Scottish English. In other words he's a hairy Asian!