Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{ DIY } Boys Bow Tie

Recently I raided my fabric stash and made Rupert some funky new bow ties. Wearing a bow tie has become a 'thing' with Rupert. He seems to like wearing them but I can't help but wonder whether he will like or dislike me for it when he's older?! I can hear the words, "Mum why did you always put a bow tie on me when I was little?" I shall reply, "Would you have preferred a bow in your hair instead!" But he does look dashingly handsome on a Sunday wearing his little bow ties so, we're going to continue with the fad for now. 

Since they are so easy to make I thought I'd share my 'how to' with you all. If you own a stash of fabric scraps this will cost you near to nothing, and even if you don't it will still cost you very little!

You will need:
Approx 20 cm fabric
5 cm velcro 
Approx 20 cm interfacing (optional)

From fabric cut: 
Bow - 21 x 13 cm  +  interfacing
Strap - 5 x 37 cm
Knot - 5 x 7 cm

Fold bow horizontally twice, overlapping ends so that it creates a 3 layer thickness. Do not press.

Fold ends to meet in the middle, overlapping slightly. Stitch in place. Do not press.

Fold the bow in half, then fold the edges [back] toward the center. You can either tack or tie some thread around the middle to hold in place.

Back view.

To make neck strap press horizontally in half. Turn raw edges in, about ½ cm and press. Stitch along open edges.

Fold 'knot' piece horizontally, overlapping ends (same as bow). Press.

 Wrap 'knot' piece around both neck strap and bow. Tuck under raw edge and use a pin to hold in place. Hand stitch closed.

Sew Velcro to each of the neck strap ends. Bow tie complete!

Create a bit of fun by using different prints!




  1. Jessica at Daisyllama@gmail.comMarch 16, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    Thanks so much for posting this tutorial! It was such a blessing to stumble upon it on Pinterest! I was able to customize my little man's Easter tie with his sister's dress! (Yes, I know Easter is over a month away...ha!) I can't wait to make more. I do have one question: how well do these hold their shape after a wash? Thanks, again, for sharing your talent!