Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cake Anyone?

Today I thought I'd try out a recipe posted by "The Everyday Blessings". It was for an Apple and Sultana Cake which after looking at the list of ingredients, I realised I didn't have all that was required. So, I customized it a little and came up with an Apple and Walnut Cake!

I left out the sultanas as I didn't have any and I'm not particularly a fan of them anyway. I didn't have any almonds left so I used walnuts instead and, I also added an extra half teaspoon of cinnamon. In place of wholemeal flour I used white, it was what was in the cupboard.
The recipe has been tried and tested and, I give it 5/5 aprons! Tasted very delicious and very quick and easy! Thanks Nadia for posting the recipe, I think I have a new favourite.
I have cooked two dinners from My Julie & Julia Challenge this week and I shall post about how they went on Sunday.


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  1. I'm glad you liked it, I'll definitely be trying your variation! Hmmm, banana would work well too I think. I'll have to try it. It's so cute you rated it in aprons! Love it!