Thursday, May 17, 2012

Operation Herb-i-licious

I'm not a huge green thumb although I would like to be but, living in a unit makes that somewhat of a challenge. Growing up in my teenage years we had a large veggie patch where we cultivated the essential green foods. Its wonderful to observe Gods work when you plant a seed or seedling and then watch it grow. After nurturing and caring you get to experience a visual [and eatable] satisfaction of having grown your own vegetables. I can recall growing sunflowers, and how amazing it was to see how sunflower seeds are produced. The brown center of the sunflower is a mass of tiny sunflowers called florets and each one produces a sunflower seed. God is such an amazing artist!

So anyway I've planted some more herbs, ones that I will use when cooking. Planted in the pot below is coriander, sweet basil, spring onion and Italian parsley. It will be 6 - 8 weeks before I can start picking for cooking.
Herb pot.

My rose bush has not yet died but rather its flourishing. See, it can be done in the NT. 

This is my Lipstick plant, perfect for the NT weather.

Haworthia Succulent (in the small pot) and the plant in the corner... I don't know what it is!



  1. What a cute herb pot! Looks lovely and I'm sure you will enjoy using the herbs once they are grown.

  2. Another one of Gods miracles taking place right under our noses everyday. Why do we think that it is so normal that a tiny seed can go into the ground, totaly rot and then grow into a plant or even a tree. That is not normal, that is a miracle.