Friday, May 18, 2012

Journey to Super Woman

It wasn't until I had Rupert that I realised that women are amazing people. God created us so that we would become a kind of heroine.
Motherhood may not be everyones cup of tea but nevertheless if it is, you can rest assure that you were created to do the job well. God designed our bodies to bear the pains of childbirth and all post natal trauma. He gives women an inconceivable love for their children so that when challenges arise the mountain doesn't seem impossible to climb. And when it does, somehow we get over it! God gives us just enough strength to get through each day with a little extra to help you out of bed the next morning.
A homemaking career encompasses many a job. We become a nurse when we affix a bandaid to our child's knee and a teacher when we show them how to tie their shoes. We're head chef and waiter all in one when it comes to serving a hearty meal. We are receptionist in our own home, making sure bills are paid, events are rsvp'd and birthdays are remembered. We are cleaners (when we can) and we are our children's taxi service. And importantly we are our husbands support person, his sweet heart and his lover! We are the tenacious mum, loving mummy, courageous mother and adoring wife.

I don't see myself as super mum yet but I am aspiring to be [by Gods grace and help]. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to the super woman that my mum is and that every other mother is! And I take my hat off to the women who also juggle work outside the home along with their homemaking, that is hard work on it's own. So, if your not a mother as yet, don't think I don't know that your becoming a super woman in your own right. But I write this post specifically for the mums, me being knew to it an all.

As wives and mothers we learn humility, making sure everything we do for our families is of the heart. In the workforce when budgets and targets are met you are recognised with a financial reward. You make sure that you do your job well so that when an opportunity for a higher position arises, you can be the first to deserve it. Overtime is worked so that you earn more money and if its a professional job, you dress to impress, to appear confident and competent. Now, although we may put in time and effort to prepare dinner every night, the most recognition we may get is "thanks for dinner mum/dear". We just learnt humility. There is no extra dollars for cooking a 4 hour roast instead of a toastie. Theres no embossed bachelor certificate to say your certified to cook amazing dinners! You may get promoted by your family to cook that roast again, because it tasted so great but otherwise, you do it because you love your family. And you need to eat hehe. You get what I mean!

The screaming, the puking, the dirty nappies and ton of washing... not things we always love and are happy to attend to but we are the perfect woman for the job. We (dads included ) are our children's greatest need. We are a kind of heroine to them.


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  1. so true! its great to hear you reflecting on the beauty and challenge of motherhood jess. i love your heart and approach to it all. I am sure you will be a blessing to your own family and many more besides. xo