Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our 1st Year Anniversary

The 21st November, last Sunday Matty and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.
Escaping Darwin for the weekend was how I pictured it however, it was to be BAU and no flights were to be booked. We were staying in Darwin for a concert that Matty was performing in with the DSO (Darwin Symphony Orchestra).

So Sunday morning my husband brought me pancakes in bed and an origami paper rose that he crafted himself. Paper is the first anniversary gift for anyone who wasn't aware. And then... Standing in the doorway stood Matty wearing a guitar!!! So for those that have seen the movie "Valentines Day", it's a scene you may be able to recall. Hehe umm don't think too hard on that one. He sings "I love you baby and if quite alright I need you baby..."

Moving on now...

We had fish n chips by the beach for lunch followed by a lazy afternoon at home.
Then 5pm came and I was told to get ready, and to make sure I wore something nice. So in the car we drove, destination unknown. Matty parked the car at Lee Point where I could spot his parents decorating a little table overlooking the water. We were somewhat early or maybe they were late? But his parents did leave as they saw us approaching. Oh it was so cute! Lois had made chocolate dipped strawberries which were so yummy! The setting was just beautiful. It was there that Matty slipped an eternity ring on my finger, my bridal set now complete.

Finally, the evening ended after having dinner at "Pee Wees" restaurant.
It was a fabulous 1st anniversary and we look forward to many more. I love you Matty!

A Table for Two... compliments of the in-laws.

Yummy choc coated strawberries.



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