Friday, May 17, 2013

Once a Month Cooking

When we had Rupert the three of us spent 5 days in hospital with delicious meals brought to my bedside each day. But when it was time to leave and bring our little one home and Matty was to return to work, reality set in and, I didn't know how on earth I would manage cooking as well as being a new mum! Somehow the thought of cooking was one that was very overwhelming. 
We were so grateful for our church family who cooked us yummy meals which kept coming for about 2 weeks... so very blessed.

This time round I decided to plan ahead. I spent a weekend cooking meal after meal and it was the best thing I could have done. Samson is over 2 weeks old and I still haven't had the need to cook. I cooked enough to cover us for about a month. Although I certainly feel that I would be capable of cooking if had to (definitely not as overwhelming second time round), its just nice to not have to worry in these early weeks. 

The idea of 'once a month' cooking and meal planning has worked so well that I think I might do it on a regular basis, not every month but possibly every second month.

On my weekend of cooking I created a very delicious and easy recipe for 'Honey Mustard Drumsticks' - thats what you do when you haven't got the 'Chicken Tonight' jar in your cupboard. Hehe.

Honey Mustard Drumsticks Author Mama Essy (Jessica Kartawidjaja-Fong)


8-10 chicken drumsticks
1 1/2 tbl Whole grain mustard
1 tbl Dijon mustard
1 tbl white vinegar
2 tsp mixed herbs
1/4 cup honey


Combine all ingredients together. Mix well and pour over drumsticks. Bake in a glass baking dish until cooked through (I think it took about 40-50 mins in our oven).
Tip: make marinade ahead of time, place in a bag with drumsticks, mix through and store in the fridge for 2 hours before baking.



  1. How strange! I commented but it's not here?

    I think it sounds really yummy and easy as! My mum used to make something called Mud Chicken lol and she used drumsticks...and I think it tasted kind of mustard-y...but either way it was delicious.

    I'll have to try your recipe and report back ;)

  2. Ah I didn't enter the 'please prove you are not a robot CAPTCHA' thing!