Friday, March 15, 2013

Preparing for Our New Addition

So with just 6 weeks to go I think it's due time I organised my bag for the hospital!
 I don't claim to be an expert after just having one baby however, I'm feeling a lot more prepared mentally and know what to expect this time round. 

I know that in my bag I will need:

  • fruit. 
  • lollies.
  • light snacks.
  • own water bottle - the plastic cups can be a little small and flimsy for such an active event!
  • large box of disposable nursing pads - don't know about you but new mum's can make a ton of milk and those pads need changing many times a day! And unlike the cloth pads (which are good when your milk flow slows down) they also prevent leaking through your clothes.
  • cotton nightie with spaghetti straps - great for when your getting in and out of the bath because you can just hitch it up. Also easy to slip off the shoulder for babies first feed.
  • gym pants or tights - I found these to be the comfiest after labour. They sit firm around your belly which, feels good when the skin is loose and you still look 4- 6 months pregnant. Its a good idea if they are black (pads don't always hold everything) and if you wear long tops over them. Visitors don't want to see how big those maternity pads are! 
  • comfy maternity bra.
  • slippers and socks.
  • maternity pads - several packets, no explanation needed!
  • make-up is a must for me! I was in hospital for 5 days with Rupert and it was so nice to get up each morning and make myself look pretty, which then made me feel good. 
  • body wash - the most beautiful smelling wash you can find. Nothing too strong (subtle is best) and no perfumes but something that will make you feel like a gorgeous mama.
  • change of clothes for hubby - even if your only in hospital for the day. Changing newborns nappies can be messy!
  • beanie for bub. 
  • size 0000 wondersuit - several if your going to be in hospital for a few days.
  • baby singlet.
  • baby socks or booties - hospitals are freezing!
  • blanket/muslin wrap or in my case I'll be packing an Ergo Cocoon  - they are magic!
  • baby thermometer - not needed at the hospital but something you should have handy at home.
  • disposable nappies - cloth nappies are provided while your in hospital and are preferred for the first several days so, you can easily monitor babies "movements" but you'll need your own nappy for the ride home.
Well I think I'll end my list there. No doubt there are a few things missing but otherwise a good start for packing my bag for the hospital.

Comment with your own packing tips and preferences. This is what I've come up with after my experience with Rupert but every mum is different and, I'd love to know what worked for you.

Mama Essy

Rupert the day he was born.



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