Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What Christmas Means for Our Family

I am finally back again with another post!
Life has felt somewhat busy with this and that and the little things we call 'living life'. And although tiresome its also a nice feeling to be experiencing a full life.

Christmas time generally is a busy time of year but I'm determined to never make it a stressful time. 
This year is Rupert's first Christmas and it comes with a lot of thought on how we, as a family, are going to celebrate it. For a period of five years when I was growing up we didn't have Christmas, not only because of the pagan roots but mainly because it was a financial strain on my mother. However, we never went without and as we needed things those needs were met and, when mum felt it on her heart to give us a gift she did so without waiting till December 25th. 
My lovely gingerbread house made today.
I do love the pre Christmas festivities though and, I do believe we can celebrate with the true meaning of Christ. We have a small Christmas tree and we buy gifts for family but it'll never be an event that causes financial stress. I also don't like to buy 'just because' but it is nice to 'give' so, I always try to look for gifts that the receiver will either like or find useful. For friends I like to send out greeting cards as a reminder that they are special to our family and also thought of by us. I generally only buy gifts for friends if I feel God is leading me to buy something in particular for them (and this shouldn't be something that only applies to Christmas day). But as Christmas for us is primarily a time for giving I still like to give and that is why I buy "Gifts of Compassion" from Compassion Australia. Basically, we donate say  for example $15 for a family overseas to have a pair of chickens and we in return receive a card to give to someone which represents that, our gift to them was a gift to help someone in need. 
I also love participating in the Operation Christmas Child cause and, it's a great project for the children to participate in and to become aware of other boys and girls living in poverty abroad. We would like Rupert to grow up knowing he is very blessed and that he too can bless others in need. Christmas is not a time of year where our children will be overindulged and bribed to be good. It will be a time to reflect on what God has blessed us with and a time to bless others. Having said all that we will be buying minimal gifts for our children and we have contemplated to what extent we'll do this. 
Earlier this year when Target had a huge toy sale I bought a Fisher Price walker for $50, and this will be our gift to Rupert this Christmas. 
Then there's Santa Clause. Hmmm tough one. We don't have a huge issue with Santa so long as we teach our children that Christmas isn't all about Santa but it's about Christ and, we'll teach Rupert the story of St. Nicholas. We'll let Rupert believe in Santa but we won't lie to him either and we'll make sure that Christmas isn't all about Santa bringing him many gifts. 

Anyway enough of the Christmas talk, just thought I'd share our thoughts and plans. It's something that hasn't been given much thought until now and since having children. 

Onto an update on our precious Rupert bear! Rupert is a very active 9mo and has began taking his first steps walking unassisted. It hasn't been consistent but I'm sure it will become second nature any day now. It's very exciting!
I'm now almost 21 weeks pregnant with our new wee bub and that too is very exciting. We visited our obstetrician  on Friday and although bub is healthy and developing well it is very small. This wasn't any surprise as I was looking very small and hardly pregnant (not so this last week) but will Lord willing be of no concern for the rest of pregnancy. 

Matty has been very busy with work which included a week away in Melbourne. He is looking forward to the Christmas break where he'll have nearly 3 weeks off work. 

And... I'm going to sign off now!

love love love xxx



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