Sunday, August 4, 2013

50 Things About Me

  1. Dated Matt for 13 months.
  2. Engaged for 14 months.
  3. Married for nearly 4 years.
  4. I have 2 sons Rupert and Samson, born 14 months apart.
  5. Purchased our first house in early 2013.
  6. My favourite colour is red.
  7. I once had my hair cut to replicate that of Julie Andrews in the sound of music. Biggest hair fail!
  8. Mother by occupation.
  9. Law school dropout.
  10. Seamstress by trade.
  11. Vomited on my first date with Matt.
  12. I love chocolate.
  13. I think blonde is sexy, brunette sophisticated and I can never decide which I prefer to be?
  14. I have 4 siblings and 7 niblings.
  15. Retro is my style.
  16. Vintage my love.
  17. I like wearing lacey nanna nickers.
  18. I have a scar on my shoulder from a scooter accident which gets mistaken for a hicky.
  19. My favourite flower is the tulip.
  20. I dislike tardiness.
  21. I’m not often seen without wearing makeup.
  22. As a little child I was extremely shy, people wondered if I could actually talk!
  23. I dislike being called 'Jess'!
  24. I was homeschooled after year 4.
  25. I would love to raise a big family!
  26. A white lone hair grows on my shoulder; I call it my ‘lucky’ hair!
  27. My maid of honour pulled out my 1 ½ inch long ‘lucky’ hair on my wedding day! It grew back.
  28. I only like to drink hot beverages from a teacup.
  29. I love opera.
  30. When I was a teenager I wanted to become an opera singer.
  31. I can’t sing!
  32. My husband is a very talented muso.
  33. I’m a crazy dancer.
  34. I like wearing red lipstick.
  35. I threw cupcakes at my wedding.
  36. My jewellery style is ‘art deco’.
  37. I love all things crafty such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting and random DIY projects.
  38. I dislike scrapbooking but do it occasionally.
  39. I like dressing up.
  40. I would like to do some maternity modelling.
  41. I don’t like printed t-shirts
  42. It’s not Christmas without a homemade pavlova.
  43. I like walnut stained furniture.
  44. My dad buys me a new watch every Christmas.
  45. My favourite book is “The Cat of Bubastes” by G A Henty.
  46. I learnt to play piano and the trumpet.
  47. My most desired appliance is a red KitchenAid stand mixer.
  48. I’m a big Tupperware fan.
  49. I like watching period dramas.
  50. I like spicy food. 



  1. Ha! We're so similar. A couple of oh-my-goodness similarities I MUST comment on:

    26. A white lone hair grows out of my upper arm. And keeps getting longer and longer, right??! I call it my party trick! Hahaha!

    31. I so can't sing either
    32. My husband is a very talented musician too! One of those people who can play everything they pick up. So jelly.
    49. Period dramas are "the only thing!"

  2. Gah! Just makes you mad those crazy talented musicians. It would be so romantic if I could sing a long with my hubby lol.
    Period dramas and movies make me bit of a tv addict :-/
    My reply button isn't working so I hope you can still see this :-)